The PEUGEOT 208 offers a high-quality minimalist interior with attention to every last detail. Its exclusive ergonomics make it manoeuvrable, instinctive and reassuring.

PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®


The clear and natural ergonomics of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® are designed to enhance your driving pleasure, as well as the handling of the vehicle and the precision of the drive.  
Combined with the now-capacitive large 7'' touch screen and a 'head-up' display, the smaller steering wheel makes for better handling and offers a direct and more intense driving experience



The vehicle boasts a minimalist modern design that is in keeping with its exterior. The ethereal yet graphical contours of the dashboard, the cat's eye-shaped side vents and the faceted features demonstrate the attention that goes in to every last detail.

The heat-coated dashboard strip is soft to the touch and features a very graphical design creating an even more upmarket look.



The raised display is designed for 'head-up display' with analogue faces in reference to the precision mechanics involved. Its elegant, low-key design, bright, white setting and central screen ensure the accuracy and legibility of driving information, enabling the driver to view essential driving information without taking their eyes off the road.



The compact steering wheel, combined with the reduced dimensions of the PEUGEOT 208, at under 4m in length, make this an agile vehicle that is ultra-manoeuvrable in urban environments and provide enhanced driving pleasure. This steering wheel is sheathed in smooth full-grain leatheri as of trim level 3 and contributes to the warmth and appeal of the interior.



The now-capacitivei large 7’’ touch screen is intuitive and makes it easier to access the vehicle's various functionsi.  It also offers the very best in on-board connectivity, including Bluetooth and USB connections and an audio and video streaming function.


Interior customisation packs are availablei for the PEUGEOT 208.

These packs offer an appealing modern finish with attention to the very last detail, including sport seats with chrome vents, splashes of colouri courtesy of the seat trim, steering wheel, dashboard and door panels.

- The MENTHOL White pack, with its white accents, adds an element of dynamism and elegance.

- The LIME Yellow pack, with its colourful accents, is decidedly fun and modern.