Appeal, distinct style, robustness and perceived quality lie at the very heart of the PEUGEOT 208 identity.


208 5 doors

An urban saloon with a distinct personality, the PEUGEOT 208 boasts a smart yet sporty shape with modern, dynamic proportions (reduced overhang, contained height) and a very elaborate design (sculpted sides, chrome window surroundsi, etc.).



The contours of the front bumper have been sharpened and made more muscular and defined. The enlarged radiator grille and its heavy surround are fully incorporated into the bumper.

 This style is highlighted to the front with two-tone headlightsi, with black and chrome masks for a sharper look and an upmarket LEDi lighting signature - both unmistakeable indications of feline prowess and technological excellence.



The rear lights and their 3D LEDi claws are both eye-catching and captivating. Their highly uniform finish, warm, opalescent red colour and 3D effect make them a true wonder of modern technology.

These lights, with their three claws that are clearly identifiable with the PEUGEOT style, are fitted to all models in the PEUGEOT 208 range.



A number of brand-new shades have recently been added to the range of paintwork colours and finishes available for the new PEUGEOT 208 range, whether opaque, metallic, pearlescent or textured. This rich and varied range of 13 shades is designed to meet the growing need for distinction and exclusivity.

The Orange POWER metallic shade simply oozes dynamism, youth and freshness. With its bright, shimmering finish that truly glistens in the sunlight, this very trendy, cheerful, glimmering hue brings out the best in both vehicle and driver.


The PEUGEOT 208 also offers three highly innovative textured shades with a finish that is both matt and satin in appearance, these being ICE Grey, ICE Silver and ICE White.

These distinctive shades react strongly to changes in the light, highlighting and accentuating the stylish contours of the vehicle whilst also emphasising its dynamism and distinction. Their slightly granular texture gives them a somewhat unusual feel, instantly giving the impression that this is a robust car that provides a good level of protection.

More resistant and easier to maintain than classic matt shades, they are particularly resistant to micro-scratches and can withstand frequent washing, whether with high pressure jets or rollersi, and since they are now being used as standard on large production runs these shades have finally become available to all.


Exterior customisation packs are availablei for the PEUGEOT 208. 

These packs combine the elegance of glossy black (radiator grille surround, wing mirrors and fog lamp bezels) with original splashes of colouri ('EQUALIZER' radiator grille with coloured 3D effect, PEUGEOT lettering at the front and rear, fog light cover trim and flashing indicators).

 - The LIME Yellow pack, with its colourful accents, is decidedly fun and modern.

- The MENTHOL White pack, with its white accents, adds an element of dynamism and elegance.



The Peugeot 208 is available with a wide range of 15” to 18” wheels. Various types of 16’’ and 17’’ aluminium wheel rims are available as options, thus enhancing their exclusivity, including painted rims, diamond-cut rims and rims with an innovative sequential diamond-cut or-laser engraved finish.